We found tracks for a pack of dogs, literally coming into the camp as we left early the one morning. We wouldn’t have suspected that we would find them where we did, much less get to see what we saw.

Crossing their tracks once again several kilometers from camp, we were fortunate to find the pack trotting across the floodplains heading south with typical wild dog speed and stamina. We followed them for about 30 minutes, when they started to slow and look for a place to rest.

A herd of elephant was a couple of hundred yards ahead of them and we had expected the younger members of the pack to show some interest in the elephants, have some fun chasing them and cause havoc as dogs can do. But they veered off course and headed for some shade.

Seeing the direction the elephants were heading, we positioned accordingly as one of the large cow elephants approached the tree that the dogs rested under. As soon as she got wind of them, she turned slowly, her massive ears spread out in an attempt to locate the dogs. She quickly did and suddenly rushed the pack, sending them scattering in all directions. It’s always great to see interaction like this, especially when no parties get injured….