Nelis is a professional guide and wildlife photographer, with an impressive career in conservation and safari-related fields.  He realised from an early age that his interests lay in conservation and wildlife, and he has built up a wealth of experience during his sixteen years of lodge management, big game capture and anti-poaching missions in South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya, and extensive guiding across southern and East Africa.

He has a particular passion for photography, and his outstanding images are widely published around the world.  Nelis has a wonderful talent for capturing and expressing the soul of his subjects in a way that truly reflects his deep understanding of Africa and its wildlife, which he has studied and protected throughout his years as a guide and conservationist.

An in-depth knowledge of animal behaviour gives him an almost uncanny ability to anticipate the perfect photographic opportunity – his skill with a camera, together with a calm demeanour, warm nature and eagerness to share his vast knowledge with his guests, makes each safari a memorable and intensely personal experience.

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What our clients had to say

“…I have never known a better guide and teacher than Nelis.  He knows his business and he generously shares the techniques he has developed with his clients. I thought I was very knowledgeable about nature photography nuances until I worked with Nelis. He is a master!” 


…”I would like to express to the best of my ability how wonderful, beyond expectations, this trip was. I don’t know how I was so fortunate to end up with Nelis. He was absolutely fabulous. Patient, courteous, a wonderful photographer and person. More knowledge regarding the animals and birds than I could ever have hoped for. I would go anywhere with Nelis.” 


“Nelis was nothing short of being the most perfect guide, he was able to teach my family things that not only were super interesting but also fun to know. He fit so perfectly with our family of 7 and made all of us feel so at home with South Africa. All in all, is was one of our most memorable trips all thanks to him, he will always have a place in our hearts.”  

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