Nelis is a professional guide and wildlife photographer, with an impressive career in conservation and safari-related fields.  He realised from an early age that his interests lay in conservation and wildlife, and he has built up a wealth of experience during his sixteen years of lodge management, big game capture and anti-poaching missions in South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya, and extensive guiding across southern and East Africa.

He has a particular passion for photography, and his outstanding images are widely published around the world.  Nelis has a wonderful talent for capturing and expressing the soul of his subjects in a way that truly reflects his deep understanding of Africa and its wildlife, which he has studied and protected throughout his years as a guide and conservationist.

An in-depth knowledge of animal behaviour gives him an almost uncanny ability to anticipate the perfect photographic opportunity – his skill with a camera, together with a calm demeanour, warm nature and eagerness to share his vast knowledge with his guests, makes each safari a memorable and intensely personal experience.

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What our clients had to say

“Lee, I can’t thank you enough for helping to make our family trip a rousing success.  Your intuition, both on the game drives, and around the hospitality, was priceless!   We made memories for a lifetime.” 


…”Your photos are wonderful though I must tell you I do not think any photo can really do what we saw justice to what we saw.   It was all beyond my wildest dreams.  My favourite moments are too many to list… I am hooked and can’t wait to go back.” 


“Thank you Eva and Lee for helping us to relive the magic of our African adventure.   The photos are incredibly beautiful and evocative and recapture the awe and the fun of time shared together.  Just last night, we shared these photos with friends…our storytelling and their amazement brought it all back, the joy, the laughter and the wonder, and the gift of being disconnected from the world.”  

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