Vast, remote and isolated wilderness, Namibia is home to the most ancient desert on earth, filled with starkly beautiful landscapes that support a surprising amount of incredible desert-adapted wildlife. ‘Namib,’ translated “vast place,” is indeed the perfect description for a place that offers you what so few places on earth can offer nowadays…the chance to sit in absolute silence and look out across landscapes unaltered by human presence.

Our itinerary includes three distinctly different habitats. The Sossusvlei in the south is known for its massive red sand dunes, the largest sand dunes in the world. The Skeleton Coast and Hoanib River Valley…a surreal landscape, consisting of rugged hills and open desert vistas…home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including the desert adapted black rhino, a species of rhino that occurs nowhere else in the world.   It is startling to find elephant, giraffe, lion, brown hyaena, oryx, springbok and more, thriving in this stark environment.  The safari culminates in the Kaokoveld, in the far north of Namibia, an area of huge mountain ranges, massive sand dunes and the Kunene River, which cuts through this otherwise dry landscape. This is where you will be able to encounter the Himba Tribe and witness how they have been surviving here for hundreds of years.

All the camps in this itinerary are as spectacular as their natural surroundings, offering guests stylish accommodation with all the amenities you need, but would not expect to find in such isolated wilderness areas…an absolute luxury during your time in these extremely remote and beautiful desert places.

Being in a place where all you can see for miles and miles are endless uninhabited landscapes and all you can hear or feel is your own heartbeat, is an experience difficult to put in words. A safari through a desert is completely different to your traditional safari. This stark wilderness somehow deeply enriches your soul…

What our clients had to say

“The most amazing trip!  All to your credit:  the preparation, choice of accommodations and locations, travel methods, arrangements for kids, etc., etc.  Could go on forever!  Your professionalism, knowledge and kind way with the kids was so appreciated.  We can never thank you enough.” 


“Our trip was absolutely spectacular. I have wanted to see the mountain gorillas for many years and was not disappointed.   Thanks so much for the gorgeous e-Book – special thanks to you, Lee, for taking shots of us at our gorilla viewings.  I still find it hard to believe that I was actually there. It was an unreal/surreal experience.  I might have to do it againJ… I always feel as if I’ve stepped into a dream.” 


…”the adventure from beginning to end was quite splendid!  I loved every moment and felt so well taken care of and safe.  The camps I visited were all unique and all spectacular…I look at my photos and relish in the wonderful memories of a magnificent time.  I feel so blessed to have had that opportunity.” 

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