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Wild Dogs at Mombo

After many years of the absence of good numbers of wild dogs in the Mombo area, they have certainly made a comeback and seem to be settled. There are many things special about [...]

A Narrow Escape

The northern part of the Okavango Delta is not known for its high density of cheetah because the habitat here is challenging for them for many reasons… for one, the grass is tall for [...]

Understanding Elephants

It’s not uncommon during any safari, to get into a tight spot involving elephants, after all, they are the biggest animals out there and are used to doing just as they please. We [...]


‘Out of Africa’ Northern Serengeti & The ‘Gentle Giants’ of Rwanda

Nelis Wolmarans recently guided one of our safaris into East Africa. The safari started with gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and ended with a few days in the very productive wildlife area of the…

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Alphonse Atholl & the Mighty Zambezi

Exploring new destinations and styles of safaris is something we are always striving to do. This trip was quite different from other safaris as the opening video will show. The focus was on fly fishing in Seychelles & Zambia…

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Zambia’s Beautiful Bushcamps

As you fly in over the Luangwa Valley, you’re able to see just how vast and remote this true wilderness area really is.  From the plane, we could see the immense mopane woodlands, dry riverbeds and the two main rivers….

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What our clients had to say

 “As you know, leopards are my favourites of all the cats.  We couldn’t have asked for better leopard sightings.  It’s hard to pick a favourite when there were so many great sightings. LEOPARD SIGHTINGS AT ALL FOUR CAMPS!!  WOW! Trips like these are the reason I keep coming back to Africa.”  


“My 12-day safari with Lee was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve ever had.  We were all blown away by Lee’s impressive knowledge of the land and animals, as well as his magical tracking skills.  And best of all, he was so personable and fun to be with!”  


“Sharing exciting encounters with wildlife, dining on good food, sipping fine wines and engaging in great conversation with you… It doesn’t get much better.” 

Philip & Linda
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