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‘Watering Elephants’

We heard about these wild elephant bulls that over the years have come to accept people giving them water from a hose pipe.  Steve tells the story: “We were visiting the Zakouma National [...]

The Escarpment & Lake Eyasi

One of the attractions of Africa is the sheer scale and beauty of the scenery.  In east Africa this section of the Great Rift Valley covers some of the most dramatic scenery imaginable [...]

Wild Dogs at Mombo

After many years of the absence of good numbers of wild dogs in the Mombo area, they have certainly made a comeback and seem to be settled. There are many things special about [...]


The Great Rift Valley & Central Africa’s Wildlife

We love it when Nelis returns from guiding one of our safaris… his passion for the wildlife, people and areas is obvious when you look through ‘his lens’.

A Family Safari in Tanzania

When I think of East Africa I picture wide open plains, flat topped acacia trees and a volume of wildlife difficult to fully fathom. The annual migration in its various phases is always a spectacular event.

A Safari in the Desert…

Namibia’s wide open ’empty spaces’ are stark and seemingly ‘deserted,’ but those who take time in spaces like these are rewarded with what is revealed of the life that exists in this stunning desert land…

What our clients had to say

“My 12-day safari with Lee was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve ever had.  We were all blown away by Lee’s impressive knowledge of the land and animals, as well as his magical tracking skills.  And best of all, he was so personable and fun to be with!”  


 “As you know, leopards are my favourites of all the cats.  We couldn’t have asked for better leopard sightings.  It’s hard to pick a favourite when there were so many great sightings. LEOPARD SIGHTINGS AT ALL FOUR CAMPS!!  WOW! Trips like these are the reason I keep coming back to Africa.”  


“Sharing exciting encounters with wildlife, dining on good food, sipping fine wines and engaging in great conversation with you… It doesn’t get much better.” 

Philip & Linda
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