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Witnessing a Birth

During the first few months of the year, several hundred thousand wildebeest are born on the rich short grass plains of the southern Serengeti.  We had stopped for our mid-morning breakfast break out [...]

Legadema’s Legacy

Having lived at Mombo during the time when Legadema was the 'Legend Leopardess' of the area, it was great seeing Pula, her daughter, with her own young cub in such an incredible, picture perfect [...]

Photographic Hides

Getting new perspectives on any well covered subject means trying less frequently used methods, such as from inside a hide. We made use of three hides during this specialized photographic safari.  One positioned [...]


Mountain Gorillas & the Great Migration

We started this trip at just over 8000 feet above sea level…along the slopes of the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda. Many people think there will be quite some distance between themselves and the gorillas when they find them…

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Wildlife Thriving in Protected Wilderness

There were some dramatic thunderstorms typical of this time of year at the start of our trip in Zimbabwe’s low-veld. The rains had turned the landscape into beautiful greens…

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Remote Zambia

The season, as well as the sequence of areas and camps, were chosen for very specific reasons on this trip. For this specialized photographic safari for Karine Aigner Photography, we needed options to photograph on…

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What our clients had to say

 “As you know, leopards are my favourites of all the cats.  We couldn’t have asked for better leopard sightings.  It’s hard to pick a favourite when there were so many great sightings. LEOPARD SIGHTINGS AT ALL FOUR CAMPS!!  WOW! Trips like these are the reason I keep coming back to Africa.”  


“My 12-day safari with Lee was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve ever had.  We were all blown away by Lee’s impressive knowledge of the land and animals, as well as his magical tracking skills.  And best of all, he was so personable and fun to be with!”  


“Sharing exciting encounters with wildlife, dining on good food, sipping fine wines and engaging in great conversation with you… It doesn’t get much better.” 

Philip & Linda
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